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Intro To The Sound Doctor

The Sound Doctor makes award winning, high quality, clinically driven films, courses and animations designed to help you manage your long-term conditions safely and effectively at home.

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Introduction to The Sound Doctor

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The Sound Doctor Videos And Courses

You can access a number of videos and courses that cover a number of health conditions including:

- Ageing Well At Home Video Click Here          

- Back Pain Video Click Here 

- Back Pain Course Click Here

- Chidren's Diet & Exercise Course Click Here                                      

- Dementia Video Click Here

- COPD Video Click Here

- COPD Course Click Here        

- Diabetes Video Click Here

- Diabetes Course Click Here

- Heart Failure Video Click Here                                                        

- Hypertension Course Click Here

- Working Age Wellbeing Video Click Here                                        

- Mental Health Course Click Here

- General Lifestyle Advice Click Here                                        

- Pelvic Floor Course Click Here

- Smoking Cessation Course Click Here                                                

- Sleep Course Click Here

- Stress & Relaxation Course Click Here

- Weight Loss Surgery Video Click Here

- Weight Management Course Click Here


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