Vulnerable Adults Service

Community Wellness Team

Community Wellness Team

The Community Wellness team (previously known as the Vulnerable Adults Wrap around Service) is a nurse-led, multidisciplinary team that supports patients at greater risk of hospital admission (i.e. those aged over 75 or those on the unplanned admissions register) to remain in their preferred place of care, whether that be in their own home, living with relatives or in a residential home.

The Durham Dales Health Federation (DDHF) employ a team of Nurse Practitioners, Specialist Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and a Community Matron who also work alongside care co-ordinators to support the named GP's in improving quality care for older people and those with complex needs.

By establishing a rapport with patients and gaining a close knowledge of their needs and concerns, the Community Wellness team aims not only to help patients avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, but also to empower patients (and carers) in keeping well in their preferred place of care, ensure that they feel supported in the community, reduce social isolation and generally improve wellbeing in this more vulnerable patient cohort. Furthermore, through optimisation of treatment plans and medications and attending to acute visits, the Community Wellness Team hopes to ensure that our member practices feel well supported in providing high quality care to these patients.

 The Community Wellness Team is DDHF's longest running service, and continues to expand and develop.