Repeat Prescriptions

If you need regular medication, your doctor will authorise repeat prescriptions.

It is no longer possible to order your repeat prescriptions via telephone.

How to Order your Prescription.

  • Register for online services. Once registered you can order your prescription 24hrs a day, 7 days a week via the link at the top of this page. Call in to reception with some photograph ID and they will issue you with a password
  • Tick the boxes on the right hand side of your prescription formand put this in the prescription box in the foyer of the surgery.
  • Repeat Dispensing- ask at reception to see if you qualify for this. If you have had no problems with your medication it may be possible for us to arrange for this to be supplied by the pharmacy for 6 months without the need for you to visit the surgery every month to place an order
  • Post your request to us.

Please allow 2 working days for your prescription to be processed.

How to collect your Prescription

  • Nominate a pharmacy of your choice and it should be possible for us to send your prescription electronically to them.
  • Call at reception and collect your prescription between 11:00 and 18:00 any weekday. 
  • Ask a pharmacy of your choice to collect your prescription for you. Boots, Clemitsons and Vaib Pharmacy, in Crook, along with Britton & Robson, in Willington, and Asda in Bishop Auckland offer a prescription collection service to save you calling into the surgery. Please ask them for details.
  • Supply a stamped addressed envelopeand we can post your prescription out to you.

Not Registered for Online Services?

Please Note

This practice does not prescribe sleeping tablets such as Zopiclone Zolpiderm etc. or Benzodiazepams such as Diazepam, Nitrazepam etc. for longer than a two week period. All new patients registering with the practice who are currently taking these medicines will be commenced on a reducing regime.

All new patients who are receiving prescriptions for Pregabalin (Lyrica) or Tramadol from their current doctor will be reviewed by a GP on registration with the practice. The practice will only issue a 5 day supply of these medicines until the review has taken place.

Please be aware that you may be asked to come in to see the doctor or pharmacist as part of this medicine review



PLEASE NOTE: The practice has a strict controlled drugs policy which you can be view by clicking on the link below 

North House Controlled Drugs Policy November 2022.docx